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Lettering/logo. Sue Manzoli.
Sue Manzoli comic-book character.
Sue Manzoli comic character.
Sue Manzoli character. (drawn by Sue Manzoli).

Sue Manzoli,

Art and music ...

P-Funk UK

 sue Manzoli got her b.a.hons degree in fine art/painting at

kinston polytechnic. 

 graduating in 1990 and having a great time in the process.

Sue Manzoli by Max Bradley.

What lead Sue to the music?

   while at kingston, sue began modelling. 

at first, for the fashion students in the studio next door and then for a london agency 'z'.

'z' was a very 'arty' agency so sue felt right at home.


 she got to travel

all over europe,

 japan & even ventured into Africa.

 It was an incredible  way  to see the countries & to see all the art galleries and architecture. very inspiring.

Sue Manzoli by Max Bradley.

sue was an extra on a few pop promo videos for various bands;

purple dots background.
Sue Manzoli in 'Pet Shop Boys'' video.
Sue Manzoli in a Pet Shop Boys video.
Sue Manzoli in Pet Shop Boys' video_

sue first met rob in right said fred's 'deeply dippy' video;

Sue in Deeply Dippy video.
Deeply Dippy video shoot
Sue Manzoli in Deeply Dippy video.
Sue Manzoli in Deeply Dippy video
Sue Manzoli & George Clinton  painting together at Rob'n'Sue's place in Putney, London.

Sue & George Painting together at Rob'n'Sue's place  2011

Sue's art

sue dressed the easter celebration window on the King's road chelsea.  

 March 2018. i think i'm becoming the cherry blossom 


george started to sketch a dog so sue finished it!

sue painting 'brilliant's' shop front for chelsea flower show celebrations

Sue's Murals;

Clouds Mural by Sue Manzoli
sue clouds mural.
Sue's cloud mural.
Window painting by Sue Manzoli

detail of window painting for Chelsea flower show ;


'serving strawberries' window painting for wimbledon ;

shop window painting; Wimbledon.
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