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          YESTERDEJA-VU ;

       a marathon song .  OVER TEN YEARS IN THE making !

   sue ; " real fun and an honour to have been asked to produce it" .        

THE RIFF IS GEORGE'S BABY .  IT WAS ALREADY RECORDED WHEN rob & Sue VISITED george's STUDIO IN 2000 .  Everyone loved it & sang/played on it as much as they could .  

there are so many amazing parts on  it.                                                                                                     sue ; "as we left the studio, I remember wondering which producer would be brave enough to take on the mammoth job of producing & mixing it!  there were literally hundreds of great parts to chose from & arrange " ! ? ! 

 "A package containing the files for the song arrived at our door about a week later "!  

info on where when and who...

George Clinton interviewed by Adrian Deevoy for TheGuardian. 24/01/2014.
The Guardian newspaper interview with George Clinton by Adrian Deevoy. Jan 2014
Guardian interview
George C. quote from Guardian.png
Black and White drawing of a foot.

funk mob recording 'sway' at rob'n'sue's studio. 2010.

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